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Uppsala Botanic Gardens
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Baltic Botanic Gardens Congress 26-28 maj 2014
The role of botanic gardens in education

Hello, dear Baltic Botanic Garden people,

We want to welcome you all to Uppsala Botanic Gardens May 26-28 2014 for some lovely days mellan hägg och syren  (between the blooming of bird cherry and lilac).

Linné´s Hammarby
We hope for a memorable and rewarding congress with lots of clever tips, interesting talks,
hands on experience, social interaction and prospects for future exchange.

We invite all of us to share with all of us our thoughts and experience on education in botanic gardens, or on other aspects of our work, in the form of posters or oral presentations.

There is no congress fee. We do not yet know whether or not we will be able to cover hotel costs for participants. As soon as we know, we will let you know.

Please respond as soon as possible, even if your registration is preliminary. The final date to register is May 11.
You are welcome with supplementary information to your registration at any time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Congress venue
First Hotel Linné and Linnéträdgården (Linnaeus Garden)
Botanic Garden
Linnés Hammarby

Monday May 26,  
Pre-congress program
12.00-16.00      excursion to natural reserve Häverö prästäng
Monday May 26  
18.00-22.00      welcome dinner and tour of Linnéträdgården; registration.
Tuesday May 27*  
8.50-16.10   proceedings, presentations, etc. (with nutritious breaks). See below.
17.00-19.00  Botanic garden tour
19.00-  smörgåsbord in the Botanic garden
Wednesday May 28  
9.00 departure for Linnés Hammarby
9.30-10.30  Linnés Hammarby, exhibitions, park, museum.
10.30-12.00   work shops
12.00   lunch; transport to airport or to Uppsala
Post-congress program
14.30-16 Uppsala highlights, guided tour  
*  Tuesday May 27, flexible program
8.50  opening of the conference, some practical matters
9.00   education in botanic gardens - invited speaker, tba
9.40-10.00 oral contribution 1
10.00-10.20  oral contribution 2
10.20-10.40    posterpresentations in plenum (2 minutes each)
10.40-11.20 coffee break
Poster session 1
11.20-11.40 oral contribution 3
11.40-12.00 oral contribution 4
12.00-12.20  oral contribution 5
12.20-12.40  oral contribution 6
12.40-13.00 oral contribution 7
13.00-14.00 lunch break
14.00-14.40  sponsoring - Joe Matazzino, Delaware center of horticulture
14.40-15.00   oral contribution 8
15.00-15.20  discussion: scope, size, organisation of BBGN
Poster session 2  
16.10-17.00 short rest; transport/walk to botanic garden
17.00-19.00    tour of botanic garden; hands-on stations
19.00-                 smörgåsbord and entertainment in the botanic garden
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